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Townsends Inlet is located at the southern end of Sea Isle; before the barrier island meets the ocean and  sits across from Avalon. Around 1900, this area of town was originally a fishing village, with multiple docks and piers for both commercial and recreational fishing opportunities. Townsends Inlet was an ideal place to be due to its natural, quaint setting and distance from downtown Sea Isle. TI established its own business hub as well; consisting of hotels, restaurants, a civic center, trolly station, and more. While most of those no longer exist, the business atmosphere can still be seen with the local businesses and restaurants there today.

TI Realty Group’s broker, Chris Glancey, began his love for Sea Isle City when he was just 14 years old. Chris worked as a dishwasher, lifeguard, and various places throughout town in the summer. Since then, he has continued to work hard and build his career (literally) as a coastal developer and realtor throughout Cape May County. In his twenty years of experience in real estate, Chris has had the pleasure to work with, learn from, and build great relationships with others in the local business industry.

In keeping with the early vision for this area of town, Chris saw a chance to help restore TI’s business hub. He knew this was something he wanted to be a party of, since he loves Sea Isle so much. Townsends Inlet is as highly desirable of an area to be today as ever. It hosts rental condominiums, restaurants, a bar, markets, boutiques, and more. When it came time for Chris Glancey to start his own brokerage, he knew the Townsends Inlet area was the perfect place to give his real estate business a home, and in 2018, TI Realty Group came to fruition.

TI Realty Group is a full-service real estate firm that can assist you with buying, selling, weekly rentals, mini-week rentals, summer rentals, and development.

Learn more on the history of Townsends Inlet by visiting httpss://seaislenews.com/early-days-in-townsends-inlet/

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